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Dear customer, all our greetings cards are from Affirmations Publishing House,which is a company on a mission to pass positive and inspirational messages around the world. 
The word Affirmation means "a positive statement or judgement".  
When you purchase an Affirmation greeting card,it is reminding both you and the recipient to think positively and to have fun on our journey through life. 
In the past years, millions of special messages have been sent around the world to make a difference in peoples lives. Supporting, encouraging, thanking, loving, sharing, feeling and connecting all of us with each other.  
All Affirmation cards are made of recycled paper using vegetable-based inks and are proudly made in Australia. 

Thank you for supporting us and in helping to change the world. 
If due to demand your choice of card is not available, we will replace same with a card with similar meaning and thought. Thank you for your understanding. 
PS: Above words are taken from Affirmation publishing house.