The Meaning of Colours

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Flowers can express your feelings without the use of words.

I love you, am sorry, thank you, congratulations, get well soon, I am thinking of you… can say it all with flowers. This why they say-When words are not enough, say it with flowers!!

Flowers have been used since ancient times and every flower colour carries a symbolic meaning! Our guide below will help you to communicate your feelings when choosing your flowers.

Red:                         Love & passion.                                                                                                                                                       

Dark Pink:               Thank You.                                                  

Light Pink:               Joy, Grace, Friendship.

White:                      Innocence, Purity, Reverence.

Orange:                   Fascination, Creativity.

Yellow:                     Joy, Friendship.

Peach:                     Appreciation, Desire.

Magenta:                 Encouragement, Message of Love.

Purple:                     Virtue & royalty.

Lavender:                Affection. Burgandy: Unconscious beauty.

Green:                     Infatuation, Envy.


Roses come in a wide range of colors and each colour has a different meaning. When you send roses, it sends a silent, yet extremely important message.

Red:                            Beauty, Love White: Innocence, Purity, secrecy or silence.

Bright Pink:                Thank you, Appreciation, Grace, Admiration.

Dark Pink:                  Appreciation, Gratitude.

Light Pink:                  Sympathy, Admiration Orange: Enthusiasm, Desire.

Yellow:                      Gladness, Joy, Delight, Friendship, Promise of a new beginning.

Red & White Roses:  When given together, they signify togetherness, unity, and closeness.

White Rosebud:        Symbolic of girlhood

Red Rosebud:           Symbol of loveliness and purity.

Thornless Rose:        Signifies “Love at first sight”.

Regardless of their colour, the person sending roses is always saying something special.